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Top 6 Best Fashion Shoes For Men

Every footwear is stylish and act a very crucial part in any dressing we choose to put on, many people often believe that women are more fashionable than men. What can you say about that? 

Well, in this article we will be discussing about footwears men should rock their outfits with to make them look attractive and smart. Although many things create up your appearance as a man but your shoe which is always the last thing you put on stews things up. We all know that footwears are different and are been worn based on the occasion or event you want to attend to. Let's talk about the kinds of men's shoes we have pointed out for you.

1. Brogue Shoes
This shoe looks like a boot it was brought about following the designs on the outside part of the shoe "Broguing", this shoe used to be worn in Ireland and Scotland. It has a very strong and heavy sole which makes it standard and full of quality this show is best worn with a suit or a formal dress with plain trousers you can also use this footwear for your wedding or for business meetings and is very adorable when polished.

2. Loafers / Slip-on Shoes
These fashion shoes are normally laceless which can be worn simply by slipping your foot in it without stress, loafers are mostly worn generally on anything and can match any type of dress. The brown colors are the most common worn loafers because it fits in with both jeans, any trousers or native dressings.

3. Moccasins
This shoe is sometimes made from soft leather products or from the skin of a deer, it is like the loafers as discussed above all you need to do is slip in your feet on your adorable moccasin and create the fashion out of it. Moccasin sole is not as hard as others, it can easily be bent. Although, some moccasins just have little shoelace on the top but that is to bring out the beauty of it and make your dressing look attractive. 

4. Oxfords
The look-alike of the brogue Shoes, but has some slight differences, the oxford shoes are made with very hard leather but the brogue shoe is much more harder than it. The oxford shoe was brought about in Ireland and Scotland and is the best for suit wears which you would love for your business that would make you look like the boss. Although, they have short shoelaces which makes the shoe surface close when buckled or tied.

5. Sneakers
I suppose everybody knows what this type of shoe looks like. This footwear is popularly known for fashion and can be one either for a work, to visit a friend, for morning exercise or for partying and many other enjoyable occasions. The white colour is known to be great because it matches and fit with any dress of your choice I believe everybody knows this kind of shoe both men and women, because it is a unisex footwear.

6. Derbies
Most times, they are mistaken for oxford but are not really conventional than the oxford shoes. They are best worn on formal dressings, cooperate wear or for serious operations. In our world now, they are the best for suits.

For shoes to last longer for you it needs to be well cleaned and maintained not always requires polishing sneakers require simple cleaning with brush soap and water.
All these shoes mention above has its uniqueness in fashion. If you really need a shoe for your marriage or to attend one, you should go for the brogue. If you want a well fashionable footwear for your business meetings, you should rock it with either a derbie or an oxford shoe. While for a date, just put on a simple outfit and modify it with your sneakers. 

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