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Things To Know About Water - Tank Water, Well Water And Tap Water

Things-To-Know-About-Water -Tank-Water-Well-Water-And-Tap-Water-by-callydempire

Water is one of the most crucial part of us living as humans and survivors of the earth, water is very dominant not only to humans but also to animals and plants as living things. It is also an element. We use water either to digest any substance we have eaten, and it is a very important means of surviving. Some people drink water out of a bottled can, a sachet or a cup, this element is very important to our life because everything we do, we do with, we eat with water, wash with water, bath with water, cook with water and do so many other things with this element.

There are many varieties of water, and in this article we will be talking about them, how they are been used in the society and how they are made. From my understanding and experience, i think we have three types of water, they are;

Well Water
On a normal basis, this type of water exists in the local areas or in a rural community where people who maybe cannot afford to get tap water resides.
Are well waters natural? How are wells dug?
Yes, well waters are natural water from the underground. Well waters are been dug by well diggers, these people digs a hole very deep in the soil using their tools, they keep digging until the natural water starts coming out then they would surround the hole with well bricks made by bricklayers, in some places bricks are not needed.
Well waters can be used for cooking, bathing and washing but as for drinking, it is advisable to treat it properly consuming.

Water Tank or Tank Water
Residents in the rural area prefer using this water for drinking than any other type of water. Tank water are naturally rain water which is 100% very safe for drinking an cooking, water tank can't cause any sickness or bring any bad changes in the human health. Tank water suppliers are always available to people in both rural and urban society, this type of water are always for sale because of its specialty. They are been stored in tanks and are much more purified and cool because they are naturally from the sky.

Tap Water
Many people often believe that this type of water system is the best and for those living in a wealthy society. Individual who can't afford this system goes for the well system or even the tank water system. Tap water are been processed and treated thoroughly before use, its water runs from a tap.

It is more suggested to drink from a bottled water whenever you are on an occasion or event. If you are having doubt about the water you drink or you fell it is not healthy, it is recommended you should always boil your water before drinking and cooking especially tap water and well water, don't worry about tank water because it has already been well treated by the community. Water of nowadays contains chemicals and some other substance which may result to illness after consumption. 
Water has some micro germs which cannot be seen that is why you should treat properly before cooking.

How can you boil and purify your water?
Purifying the water thoroughly before consumption is not a two way problem or a hard way thing, all you have to do is get a kettle or a pot depending on the quantity of water you want to use at that moment, put the pot on your stove or gas, pour the water in it and wait for about two to three minutes for the water to start heating, after a while you should decrease the heat of the fire in other for the water to be cool before usage.

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