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Taking Rabbits As Pets, Awesome Things You Should Know About Them

Rabbits, very well known as bunnies are pets you would really be proud to have. Rabbits are very patriotic to their owners and can make a very good housing partner for you. However, rabbits are good mammals to begin with if you want to own a pet, but as a pet owner I didn't start with rabbits though because I felt training rabbits was a whole lot of work to do so I started with dogs then cats before I finally got to adopt a rabbit.

When I started training my rabbits, although training them is not really as simple as training a dag, rabbits can sometimes be very rascal probably because you are a new face to them and they won't give you lots of attention until you start training them in the way they should get mastered to you.
Many people underestimate rabbits to be easy to train because of their calm nature. Truly bunnies are very calm and the same time very strategic, they are very selective of what will you give to them, you can bring the walnuts to feed a rabbit in its cage and come back in some hours time and still meet your walnut the same way you kept it. Rabbit stay 2 to 3 days without consuming anything and not signify its hungry and there's a possibility you will find the dead in it's cage on the fourth day that is why you need to drop their favorite meal for them always.

Rabbits have their own breeds unlike dogs, cats and other animals. Their groups are born out in different colours, body designs, sizes both big and small, shapes, the same nature but different characters. The top ten rabbit breeds are;

1. American Rabbits
This rabbit breed have the shape of a mandolin, they are mostly found in the United States and are known for their peaceful and beautiful nature, they are not advisable to be left with children because they are not a show type and may bite with their tooth because they are not the type for any rough play.

2. Belgian Hare Rabbits
In accordance to the 18th century when these rabbits were used as meat, they are highly strung rabbits that can easily get upset and can make an alarming sound whenever they meet someone for the first time who hasn't introduced himself yet.

3. Blanc De Hotot
These rabbit's body type is a lovely one, they are not too big neither are too small just medium size, with dark eyes, mid size eyes and short tail which makes them very easy to be carried. The more reason why they are much loved than any other breeds is because they easily move along with other pets and can easily bond with children around. Blanc de hotot rarely have health problems but as a owner, you need to be very careful and always check their body in case of any change, do not hesitate to rush them to a veterinary doctor.

4. Checkered Giant Rabbits
This breed was found in France, with its unique body marks and designs which makes the pet so awesome. It is one of the most independent rabbits the world has which knows how to dispose its waste using the litter box, it allows no dirt comes near it and always keep its cage clean without stressing it's owner. They are likely best to be kept indoors as they make a good companion pet.

5. Californian Rabbits / Californian White
These rabbits are best known as the Californian white is always born whenever a Himalayan crosses a Chinchilla rabbit. Californian rabbits naturally have the resemblance of the Himalayan breed. They are always safe to be with both indoors and outdoors, they have big body, midsize ears and small round eyes with black spots on their nose. These breed are very compassionate and they love sharing time with families and friends. Trust me, if you adopt this breed as a pet, they will help take away your boredom.

6. Dutch Rabbits / Hollander
This breed is a very known breed brought about in the 18th century, and the most popular among humans because they are always interactive, very understandable and simple. Dutch rabbits needs a whole lot of time and attention because of its playful nature and can get pissed off if locked in the cage for a long period of time with no one to be with, they live long because of their playful ways which is their way of exercising.

7. English Lop / Dog Rabbits
This kind of breed is popularly known as "the dog of the rabbit world" or better still called "dog rabbits". English lop is the kind of rabbit most people prefer because of its sociable nature, it's the group that has the longest ear making them look so unique and there fur like that of a puppy. It is recommended that this type of rabbit should be well taken care of and as their owner, you should monitor their nails and prevent it from growing to avoid them stepping on their soft long ears.

8. English Spots
The English Spot is a rabbit that was brought about in the 19th century for show motives, they are very playful and are good to be brought for children as home partner.

9. Flemish Giant Rabbits / Gentle Giants
These giant rabbits are known to be the heaviest and biggest rabbit breed of all. It's always gentle, calm and can be easy to pet. Many hunters and butchers prefer using this breed for meat because of what its made up of and it's fur was used as clothes back in those days. Kids can play with them and take this rabbit as pets but are not advised to carry them in order to prevent issues because of the rabbit's weight, they should always be inside their cage.

10. French Angora Rabbits
This breed is one of the most unique rabbit of all because of its fur which is always used as wool, these rabbits are lovely pets which can be left alone whether at home or around because they socialize and interact with everyone including strangers as long as the first approach is nice to them.

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