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Taking Cats As Pets, Cats Breeds And Things You Should Know About Them

Cats are known to be one of the most nurtured pets on earth. Petting cats can be very interesting and fun sometimes because you won't be stressed or bothered about things like bathing your cat or cleaning up it's mess. These cutie domestic pets tends to always clean up themselves whenever they go messy and they always avoid whatever makes them dirty. However, many people prefer dogs to cat because of their sensitivity and vigilance, while some see cats as a very scary and evil creature not worth living with.

Trust me, if you want to enjoy your life living with cats it actually depends on how you train them because cats have their uniqueness and they are very self-esteemed, these domestic pets have their way of doing things they are not like dogs, they don't go around the streets hunting for dirt or making themselves look unkept, cats are also very charming and so cute with nice smell and soft skin.

Have you ever seen cats so lousy?
I bet you haven't because they are be of the most quietest domestic animals on earth and the calmest if them all, we know cats meows but their loudest meow can be like the bark of a dog. Cats love been indoors and there is nothing wrong in bringing them outside if you want to, of course you can take them for a walk because they really make good company whenever you can be lonely and they are not disturbing or nuisance.

Cats are very obedient to their keepers, they don't go around messing up the whole place with waste, all you have to do as an owner is to train the cute animal things it ought to know besides, little kittens are always been taught by their mother how and where to dispose their waste, they are quick learners which is one of their speciality.

Cats Breeds
Unlike dogs, cats also have their own groups or rather breeds which specify their type, shape and ways of living. In this article, we will be discussing about the well known 10 cats breed in the world;

1. Ragdoll Cats / Puppy Cats
This group of cats follows it's name and they really look like dolls, very free, compassionate and full of love. They are popularly known as "puppy cats" because they look like a puppy dog. This cats are very societal and always offer help in the best way it can to its owner, they are free to live with kids.

2. Exotic Shorthair Cats
This cat breed is very famous among human and they are been given birth to whenever a persian cat crosses the american shorthair cats. They are shorthaired and very short in nature though.

3. The British Shorthair
This breeds are love by some people for its appearance, the cats are commonly seen in televisions, books, movies, cinema and even on magazines. They are also known as the bulldog of the cat world, having wide faces.

4. Persian Cats
This breed is very known and loved for its beauty and appearance. it is a very easy pet with its face like that of a ball, good looking eyes, lovely face and little ears. History read that this cat was named after Iran formerly known as Persia where the cats originated from. The persian cats are very broad in nature.

5. Maine Coons Cats / The Giant Cat
This cat breed is popularly known as the "Giant cats" because of its size. It is also one of the oldest cat in the United States as they are very fun loving, lively and mindful. Their skin is very hairy and rough especially their tail. Sometimes, Maine coon does like dogs, always behind their owner going from places to places together. They make a very good company.

6. American Shorthair Cats / American Breed
Popularly called "American Breed" because it is mostly owned by families in the US. American shorthair are very calm and knows how to live along with children, they are really the best to get for your child.

7. Scottish Fold Cats 
This breed is one of the most beautiful cat in the world, well known for their charming structure. The Scottish fold has its face like that of an owl, with round eyes, falling ears and cute tails. They are very lovely with their sweet and melodious voice. Trust me, their meows will make you love them more and they also have some voices other cat groups don't have.

8. Abyssinian Cats / The Abys
The "Abys" as it is well known are very lovely, easy to train and very clever. These cats don't really have straight body like other cats, they have long and slim legs with short hands. Also they are very devoted to their master and will do as they are directed.

9. The Sphynx Cats / The Hairless Cats
This breed's uniqueness is very persuasive to mankind and it is one of the most scary cats on earth because of it's appearance. Sphynx cats has a very long fat ears and kind of big eyes, they are hairless purely skinned and very wrinkled and squeezed, they are also full of energy and the same time very cheerful but it's rare and hard to find. They are better to be trained indoors in other to avoid scaring the community.

10. Devon Rex Cats
This type of cat is a bat look-alike because of their long ears, their wild face and scary eyes they also have a long whiskers. The Devon rex has 90% of a dog character which makes them naughty and stubborn sometimes.

These mentioned above are the top cats breed in the world. People sometimes tend to buy cats because of pets especially rats, cats and rats are not always friendly so people get cats to chase out rats.
one of the most lovable characters of a cat is that you can leave them alone in the house and go to the office and they want to mess things up as long as their food is already with them.

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