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Greyhounds Are Faster Than Horses, My Experience As A Greyhound Owner

When we come to the speed of animals, they are not meant to be compared to human speed likewise animal strength to human strength. Most especially the strength of a popular dog breed known as the Greyhounds, recognized as the world's most fastest dog. In fact, this dogs are speedsters, although i am writing this article for my experience as a dog owner. 

I am a lover of pets especially dog, cats and rabbits and I have trained them all come on but while I was training one of my dogs which was a greyhound breed I noticed that Greyhounds are really faster than all the dog breeds in the world. I started loving dogs since I was 5 years old when I used to live with my grandpa and I really loved to go hunting with him, grandpa had a dog, a greyhound breed which he always used for his hunting, whenever we go hunting together he will always use his dog to capture preys. During my adventure with grandpa and the hunting, I noticed how fast the dog was then one day I took my time to calculate how fast a greyhound dog can run and it is resulted that a greyhound run hit about 68 kilometres per hour.

The actions of this dog influenced and push me to get mind after some years later, I got my greyhound dog when I was 12, my dad bought it for me I was really proud of myself and the dog because I will use it to win races with my other friends who had dogs too. With time, I started discovering the full capability of dogs especially the greyhounds because they are my favorite breed, these dogs are very friendly, energetic and wild so I devoted all my time and energy into training them and I loved it especially because it was perfect, super fast and made a very good pet for me.

Greyhounds are not quick to anger, they are very obedient to their keeper and they are mostly used for dog race because they have the highest dog rank speed of 45 miles per hour. They were really created specifically with gift especially from their body structure. Greyhounds are blessed with long slender legs, energy and muscular body together with flexible cartilages.

As a hunter, you can train a greyhound to make you look more professional because they have a lot of skills in hunting down preys. Even security guards, police and armies also use these dogs in conjunction to their duties to track and bring down criminals and law offenders. In my experience of being a greyhound owner, there's a possibility that these unique dogs can be more speeder than a horse in a race or combat because of the way it fastens up.

Are Greyhounds Faster Than A Horse?
A greyhound is not faster than a cheetah but it's much more faster than a Horse.
A Horse runs 30 miles per hour, a Cheetah runs 70 miles per hour and a Greyhound dog runs 45 miles per hour. The cheetah is still the world's fastest land animal it has because the cheetahs are a way long fast runner than any other animal that lives in land.
The method of which greyhounds use in a race is like that of a cheetah, they are very stretchy which makes their warnings easier and compatible for them. We humans can surpass a dog in a race but nothing greyhound maybe just saw that dog breeds.

People who love and own Greyhounds are always fans and lovers of sport especially racing. Well, I am a huge fan of horse racing this dog breeds always crave for human love, they love to be shown affection and care whenever they are around humans, also they are always calm and alerting, they  can be left alone with both children and adults they always make out with other pets like cats, rabbit even rats and other domestic animals in the home. They tend to live up to 11 to 15 years.

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