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Cats And Dogs - Which Is Easier To Train, Things To Know While Training Them

Cats and Dogs are two intimate domestic pets and animals that is why they are mankind's favorite, pets merit a good and sweet home like humans. The relationship between a cat and a dog is like a change neither is it a bad sign whenever you see both pets getting along they both have different likes and dislikes but when it comes to their home and they notice that they are being owned by the same owner trust me they will cooperate and work together. 

I love writing my articles from my experience, I am a big lover of pets and I used to train both Dogs, Cats and Rabbits especially. I once owned a Greyhound dog which I got at age of 12 and a Ragdoll cat which I got at the age of 13, that was when I started training cats and it was fun because that was my first time parenting a cat. At first, when I got the cat i made sure my dog never goes near it because I was scared it would hurt her but as time goes on I started feeling that this two pets needs to know each other more and my dog had that feeling that I was showing the cat much more love than him.

Training dogs was really easy for me as dogs are trouble-free and simple to train than a cat, a dog brain allows him to follow his owners instructions and that is why they are much more sensitive and loyal. 

Training cats wasn't really easy because they are more tougher than bringing up a dog, and as a cat owner, you need to have the virtues of tolerance and calmness, you should be able to endure because cats can be annoying and they need everyday training to be fit and mastered. One of the best advantage of training cats is household training, teaching cats how to do their things inside the house is much more easier than teaching a dog, cats learn quick on how to manage their wastes using their litter box and they are very smart when you show them something at the first time. 
While dog takes time to be fully potty-trained or capture when they are supposed to dispose their waste and they are not quick to learn.

Cats And Dogs In The Society
Dogs can be free to go around playing and making fun in the society because that is one of the ways they do exercise themselves, you can also take your dog with you while going for work or to visit a friend. They are good companies around the society and can also be left alone in the house with lots of space to let them run around.
Cats sometimes can be sneaky around as they love playing the popular hide-and-seek game. Cats are not good to be left alone in the streets, they can easily get lost and are very hard to find they should only be left at home with toys to play with or children to keep company with, don't let them leave your sight if you are the only human around them.

Expenses For Training Cats And Dogs
whenever you want to get a pet, you should always know that they ought to be treated like humans because you need to accept them like a junior sibling and teach them to recognize you like a parent or a senior family. Dogs in general are very expensive to train especially when it comes to their food routine, they eat expensively than a cat. Even bulldog and Rottweiler eat much food more than other dog breeds and they even eat more than we humans and dogs also need cleaning materials to make them look clean and perfect all the time.

Naturally, Cats knows how to care for themselves, they are good at cleaning themselves and they always tends to be sanitized and should be kept in a high standard environment. 
Cats will always be nervous and curious of dogs if they are together but they will surely make a good friends together if you train them well. They also love making favorites, if a cat notices that favorite it's person is no more, it starts getting worried and won't be participating in some activities as it used to that is why they are not meant to be passed from one keeper to another because they hardly cope if they leave their best buddy and their mentality is not like that of a dog.

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