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6 Rarest Rabbit Breeds In The World 2021

Training rabbits in the home as pets is very outstanding choice. Rabbit is a very distinctive pets that don't really have a long span of life but they make sure they try all their best to make you enjoy their live with you. Looking at our world today it is absolutely obvious that almost everybody owns a dog not everybody own a rabbit or would love to adopt one is because sometimes they can be rare.

In this article we will apparently be discussion about the breed which are very hard to find sometimes.

1. Netscheri / Sumatran Short-eared Rabbits
The rarest rabbits in the world is called the Netscheri rabbits commonly known as the Sumatran Short-eared Rabbits. This rabbit breed was disclosed by Hermann Schlegel who was a German. This rabbit is only seen in the deepest part of the forest they are not like other birds which can be used as human pets. The Netscheri are wild in nature and is a pure herbivores animal.

2. Harlequin Rabbits / Clown of the Rabbit World
This group of rabbit is one of the oldest and rarest breed whose popular name was the "Japanese Rabbit" or the "Clown of the Rabbit World". It is the most colorful rabbit on earth, people believed that this rabbit was named after the popular "Harley Quinn" who was Joker's wife in the well known DC movie entertainment as they are both colorful in nature. The harlequin rabbits are very well loved because of its character, they hate bored environment so they easily make a place much active by playing and jumping around. This rabbits cannot be found anyhow because they are hardly born.

3. Holland Lop Rabbits / Mini Lop
This rabbit have a very calm personality with their fallen ears and dwarf body, sometimes they are preferable called the "Dwarf Bunnies" they were brought about in the 1970s by the American rabbit breeders association (ARBA) they can hardly be found around us and this mini lop breed live longer than 13 years if properly taken care of.

4. Lion head Rabbits
This breed look like the popular French Angora Rabbits because it has lots of wool surrounding it's neck and body. This pets is very hard to find but in case you luckily get one, you ought to know that they can't make a good pet for the first time because they are sometimes terrifying but very smart. You just have to train them to get used to you.

5. Netherlands Dwarf Rabbits
This breed has the same features like the lion head rabbits and the holland lop. Hearing it's name, it is clearly understandable that it was found out in the Netherlands and is among the list of the smallest rabbit in the world. Most people can't get them because they mistake them for rats that is one of the reasons they are rare.

6. Tan Rabbits
This rabbit was originally shown out in the 18th century in England. They are not really rare as others mentioned above but they are very hard to train. Tan rabbits started getting noticed in the 19th century in the United States of America. They have long ears, small head, big body and smooth fur, they are not advisable to be adopted for kids because they hate staying in the cage instead these rabbits prefer being outside to play and walk around to exercise itself.

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