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12 Rarest Dog Breeds In The World

12 rarest dog breeds in the world
Discussing of dogs being rare and hard to find depends on their breed. Some dog groups are rare following their body shapes, characters, specifications, colours and nature differences. Trust me, with the fact that they are rare doesn't mean they can't make a good pet, sometimes they are rare because they are not always born and can be expensive they are also hard to find because of their uniqueness and distinctiveness towards mankind. Here we go.

1. Afghan Hound
afghan hound
This dog breed is known for it's distinctive nature in the mountains of Afghanistan. Afghan hound is a very unique dog because of its appearance, which makes it look like no other breed. It is an ancient dog with frightened face, silk coat, tall in height and beautifully built body. With their long hair they feel they are all humans would ever want so they take all their time to look at attractive.

2. Tibetan Mastiff
tibetan mastiff
This dog breed is a very wild and vast group of dogs with very long and thick coat around their body especially on their neck and axis. The Tibetan breed are very smart, watchful and always at alert, they always tend to protect their keeper and obey instructions. Sometimes, their appearance causes both humans and animals to be scared of them because of their lion look-alike. This dogs are not recommended to be used as pets but only as guards.

3. Mexican Hairless Dogs / Xoloitzcuinte
mexican hairless dog
The Mexican hairless dog also Xoloitzcuinte or preferably called xolo is that type of dog that is very skinned and hairless. This is a very rare dog with a lot of history on how it came about, these dogs can only be found on lonely towns and mountains.

4. Thai Ridgeback / Mah Thai lang ahn
thai ridgeback
The Thai Ridgeback breed was brought about in one of the islands in Thailand shown as a normal breed because of some special character it has. 

Why are Ridgebacks so special?
They have a ridge of hair which grows in the opposite side of their skin moving through the back of these dogs, that is why it has the name too.

5. Azawakh
This dog breed was originated in Africa, mostly used for hunting they are very smart, sharp and obedient. They can serve for security purposes or as an awesome companion for you.

6. Biewer Terrier
biewer terrier
Biewer Terrier is one of the most cutest dog breed in the world. These dogs can be used as pets and can make a very good company for you because they are the best in making friends with. However, this breed is very rare but if you luckily find one around, it's because they are very related to the "Yorkshire Terrier" breed as they look alike and are very vibrant and lively.

7. Finnish Spitz
finnish spitz
These dogs are very hard-working and active type, they look like a fox with lots of hairs around their neck and tail. Finnish dogs were originated from Finland where it was trained to catch at hunt preys.

8. Catahoula Leopard Dog 
catahoula leopard dog
This skinned multi-coloured dog breed is known to be the first dog group that was bought about in the United States. Most of these dog have a very irritating skin, it was given "Catahoula Leopard" because of a parish in Louisiana called "Catahoula Parish". They are very strong and full of strength in nature, they are mostly trained to hunt in forests.

9. Bedlington Terrier
bedlington terrier
This is a small dog group, they can be used for dog racing, shows, events, sports, to create entertainment and can also be adopted as home partner. The bedlington was brought up and called after the mining town of Bedlington in England. They look like a doll which makes them seems unique and lovable.

10. Karelian Bear Dog
karelian bear dog
The karelian bear dog breed has the resemblance of the Finnish Spitz with it's short ears, and lots of furs around the dog. This dog has a bear face and is one of the most fearless dog the earth has, making it perform as a protector to safeguard and defend humans and properties.

11. Fila Brasileiro / Brazilian Mastiff
fila brasileiro
This breed commonly called brazilian mastiff is a very assertive, confident and vigorous dog. They shouldn't be taken as pets because they are naturally wicked and can be revengeful, they don't play nice to new faces. They are only used to watch over the night.

12. Lagotto Romagnolo / Lake Dog
lagotto romagnolo
This is an Italian dog commonly called lake dog used for hunting.

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