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Taking Dogs As Pet, More Interesting Things You Should Know About Them


Many people love dogs than any other animal and care for them than other pets. Even though dogs can be scary sometimes. Dogs are domestics animals we can play with, interact with and use as companion, most people also use dogs as business partners too. There are many types of dog group or breed and each group has its characters and how they interact with humans. The dog groups are; Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Golden retrievers and some more which will be explained in this article. These dog breed are so smart and intelligent and they also love interacting with people in the society.

Other dog groups are; French bulldogs, Bulldogs which are very courageous to face up any action and attack coming towards their lane.
  • Beagles: This type of dog group are always curious of things happening around them and they are very troublesome and disturbing.
  • Poodles: In some cases, people call this dog breed family dog because of they appearance, their behavior and how they live with human. Poodles appearance's are like toys, they are very hairy and super intelligent.
  • Rottweilers: These type of dog is what the wealthy ones use as bodyguards alongside with escorts. rottweilers are very protective and always make sure no harm comes to their owner or keeper and they can serve as a partner to you if you can take good care of them properly.
  • German Shorthaired Pointers: This specific breed are also known as "GSPs" these dogs are well known and always used best for hunting because of their good sense of smell.
  • Yorkshire Terriers: They look beautiful and are mostly loved by girls because they are charming and attractive.
  • Dachshund: These pets are very friendly and can be loyal to you if you are good to them and you trained them well.
  • Maltese: These breeds are just little cute dogs, which are well nurtured and they can easily be trained. It's not advisable to train Maltese among little children because this pet can't handle rough play.
  • Shiu Tzy: They are one of the most famous partner breeds in the United States Of America (USA). They are very smart to use as a companion because they are very loving, compassionate and playful.
  • Chihuahua: This type of pets are very charming and easy going, but the issue is that they are very hard to train.
  • Pomeranian: This dog breed are very curious and are always at alert whenever they notice selfish movement and at the same time they are very intrepid and brave. They can be vigilant.
  •  Brussels Griffon: These domestic pets are like terrier, they are very loyal to their keeper.
  • Italian Greyhound: These breed are very adoring, fonding and devoted to it's owner and they can be versatile sometimes.
  • Labrador Retrievers: This dog breed is one of the famous type of dog, they love making friends with the people.
  • German Shepherds: These group are well known for their work as a guard or criminal hunter, they are mostly used by the police and armies. They act strictly by the rules given to them by their caretakers.
If you want to get a dog, whether as a pet or a bodyguard, you have to be financially buoyant for expenses that might come your way maybe concerning the dog's health or food for the to be healthy and fit to carry out their assignments.

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