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Strategies Of Making Cash With Your Website Or Blog


As a blogger or an article writer, i believe most times you feel you also need to earn from what you are doing. Yes you want to benefit from your gift of writing or from your blog. So how can you monetize in the blogging community? We will be emphasizing on that here on CALLYDEMPIRE. In some blogging platform, monetization isn't really a tough process, while in most networks it's kind of hard.
Making money with blogging requires your real self, you need to be yourself when writing your article so that your readers will be very impressed and even bookmark your site and subscribe for more updates.
You can monetize your article through;
  1. Advertisements: This is a popular way of advertising a blog. This type of monetization are commonly used for writers using the blogger blog, the advertisements runs like a pay per click method. As the blog owner, you earn some cents when readers click on the ads stationed on your blog. There are many advertising companies and alternatives you can partner with to monetize, they are; Google adsense, Media.net, Propeller ads and Ezioc. Although we still have lot more of advertising companies but the mentioned ones are the popular company with good payouts most especially the Google adsense. In all these companies, you have to follow their guidelines, rules and regulations in other to partner with them. But you need a lot of traffic on your site to earn better.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: This type of monetization is mostly used by the wordpress bloggers because they have the freedom to post any kind of content on their site. In affiliate marketing, it is more advisable that you choose a specific niche or topic either about food or health so that you can become an affiliate marketer for companies that sells food, medicines or cream. Affiliate marketers gets discount for every products each customers make orders for through you blog. Lets use Jumia for an example; if you become an affiliate marketer for Jumia, you will be able to place some of their products on your site and whenever a reader clicks on the products, it redirects them to Jumia site and if they make an order of the product, you get a discount out of it as an affiliate marketer. To participate in affiliate marketing, you just have to fill the affiliate form of the company you want to partner with.
  3. Selling Online Courses: You can sell online courses with your website and earn some cash by coaching your readers.For example, if you are good in teaching about programming or web designing, you can start up a class on your website and build a community whereby users can subscribe and get notified whenever you drop a new topic and they will be convinced to participate in your topic by buying your course in an affordable price.
  4. Sponsorship: This is a gorgeous path to earn some cents with your site. They are lots of company owners and service providers out there who pay bloggers so that their products and services will be sponsored online, all you have to do is make meetings with them if you can and tell them how you can help promote their businesses but you need a lot of traffic to convince them better.

There are a lot more ways you can make some finance with your blog but these listed ways above are the most popular ways to monetize. To be successful in blogging, you need to sacrifice your time to be more visionary and innovative, you need to be 100% focused and always follow your contents title.
Write in such a way that your readers will admire and value your content.

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