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8 Best Blogging Platforms You Should Know Before Starting Up A Blog


Have you ever been in a situation whereby you see news and articles online and you wish you the writer? Or you have been asking yourself series of questions on how all these articles came about. I had those feelings too but now i have come to understand that it is what we call blogging. 
Are you are a good writer or you love to express your ideas and feelings to the world, then i suggest you join the blogging community so that your gift of writing wont be a waste. Yes writing is a very good talent and gift which you should embrace and you can be successful when you explore it. This article you are reading is from my experience of blogging, this is a good example of a blog. There are different blogging platforms you should know and choose before you can start publishing your articles online, most of these blogging platforms are very easy and moderate to use, while some needs your intellect to be proper.

I love blogging and i love writing a lot, so i feel i should share my little idea of blogging to other writers out there who doesn't know how to explore their gift and for them to be well guided. Blogging is also an interactive section whereby people read your thoughts and ideas which may have impact on them and impress them. This platforms helps our thoughts through URL to be well exposed to the people. They are;

  • Wordpress: This blogging platform is well known for it's flexibility for their publishers and it's one of the most famous platform. With wordpress, you can create several widget and publish any kind of article of your choice. You can create a wordpress blog using wordpress.com or wordpress.org.
  • Blogger: In my experience of  blogging, a blogger blog is the easiest platform of them all, you just have to sign up using your email then you input the name you want to use for your blog and choose any good theme of your choice and boom your site is live and ready with blogspot domain, you just have to get a .com domain to make your site more pleasant so that it will be reachable to more users. This site you are reading from is a very good example of a blogger blog. The disadvantage of using a blogger is that your site can get deleted by Google only if you against their rule of publishing articles or you disobey their Blogger content policy.
  • Ghost: If you are an entrepreneur and you have been looking for ways to show your products and services to more customers online, then this platform is specifically for you. Ghost is very good to turn your users into business partners and clients. With Ghost, you can create a community of whereby people who are interested in your services can subscribe to see your latest updates.
  • Strikingly: This platform creates website for free for good writers who just want to write easy articles without stress. Other reasons why most publishers use strikingly is because it makes your site look beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Write.as: In this blogging platform, you don't need to stress yourself or bother about anything because your articles and ideas can be published without you creating a site. You can just visit the site and publish your articles within some minutes. Another specific feature of this platform is that you can post your articles anonymously, or write as someone else or your real self. Your articles gets published immediately without any long processes. This type of platform is used by people who doesn't want to get noticed or known maybe because of their reputations or some reasons.
  • Wix: This is one of the most easiest and simplest of them all, it is so easy to navigate all widgets and layout just like the Blogger, in wix you can always connect with your users. This platform has a lot of designers themes to make your blog look beautiful and exceptional. On this platform, you can design your blog and add more modernized features and columns to attract more clients.
  • Tumblr: This platform is for writers who really don't have time to start going through the processes in Blogger, Wordpress, Wix and others. Tumblr is a little form of blogging and it's like a socia media platform which is super easy and navigational. The special part of this network is that the audience can follow you up and subscribe for your updates and they will always be notified whenever you release a new article.
  • Squarespace: This platform is used if you want to create and awesome blog with attractive designs . If you start up a blog with squarespace, you can possibly get free and unlimited hosting services.
We still have many more blogging platforms online, but the ones in this article are the most used and popular platform of them all. Although, we still have other blogging network like; Constant contact website builder, Gator,  Medium and many more.

Make sure you explore your talent as a writer , don't keep it within you, you have to expose it and let the people see what you are made up of.

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